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  1. Group Leader
  2. Current
  3. Alumni

Group Leader

Elizabeth Murchison
  • Group leader
  • Professor of Comparative Oncology and Genetics
  • Wellcome Trust Investigator


Andrea Strakova
  • PhD student leading the CTVT project
Dr Tracy Wang, PhD
  • Lab manager / Project coordinator
+44 1223 339376
Bridget Zhang
  • Pathology Part II project student


Jocelyn Bisson
  • Veterinary elective project student, 2013-2014
Isobelle Bolton
  • Part II student
Karina Ferreira de Castro
  • CAPES-funded visiting PhD student from Brazil who visited the lab during 2014
Haleema Sadia
  • HEC-funded visiting PhD student from Pakistan who visited the lab during 2014
Jose Tubio
  • Former Postdoctoral Research Associate
Stella Zhang
  • Genetics Part II project student, 2014