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TCG collaborator from Argentina, Dr. María Verónica Brignone , visited TCG group at Cambridge for 2 weeks in September 2019

last modified Nov 08, 2019 11:31 AM

Dr. María Verónica Brignone is a Vet from Argentina, who has collected CTVT tumour biopsies from dogs in Argentina and hosted a visit from a TCG PhD at Argentina previously. During her 2 weeks visit in September, Maria extracted genomic DNA from these CTVT samples and performed PCR analysis for genetic analysis to determine how CTVT in Argentina differs from CTVT tumours collected from other countries. Maria also gave a very interesting presentation of her work at TCG lab meeting and went on our Annual TCG punting trip with us!

We are very pleased that Maria enjoyed her visit at Cambridge and wish we will continue to collaborate with her and her colleagues at Argentina in the future!


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